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General Requirements

PHP GD Library with TrueType capabilities for the text watermarks (bundled with most hosts)

Browser Compatibility
All modern browsers are recommended.
Chrome, Firefox 20+, IE10, Safari - All galleries.
IE9 - All galleries.
IE8 - Slideshow/Filmstrip might need CSS workarounds.
IE7 - Use tile gallery only to be completely compatible with this version.


I get a php error if i try to watermark a lot of my images!!
This action is limited by how much memory php is allowed to use on your server. For best performance, try to limit your image sizes no bigger than 1,200px x 1,200px. For larger images, you might not be able to bulk action many images at a time. For a remedy on some servers please refere to this great help document:

Can I customize the look of my gallery? (add borders, change colors, etc)
Everything is customizable through CSS. Just override what is already there. Place your CSS changes outside of the block in case of updates.

Why doesn't my watermark appear in other places besides galleryES?
Watermarks in GalleryES are stored in the /files/gallery/ folder so that if the images are later edited they will always have the correct position and rotation for your watermark. It is a non destructive method as well. If you decide you don't want the watermark later or have to change the image, you won't have to reupload it again. If you wan't to use your watermark outside of GalleryES, first see if the "single image" block option will work for you. If not, save the watermarked image and reupload the image to use outside of your gallery.

I don't want galleryES to make backups, because I'm worried about space.
Currently there is not an option to turn off backups (maybe in the future if requested). GalleryES only stores the ORIGINAL copy of your image once, not every time you make a change. You would only have 2 copies of your images in the gallery folder if you have a watermark as well. If you are concerned about space, consider other options for watermarking and edit your photos outside of galleryES. There are also options for removing old backups in Settings.

This "mature content" block sounds bad, I don't like it.
Simply uninstall the block from the Dashboard blocks manager. It is not required if you are not using the adult attribute filter for your images.

My GalleryES Gallery block is saying I have no galleries....
You need to add either a description or a featured image to your gallery in the dashboard "Manage Galleries" before it will register as a gallery. I recommend a description if you don't want a featured image, because you can turn off description displays in the block settings.

Can I...

Manipulate animated gifs?
Currently no, GalleryES uses GD Library which is widely supported on most PHP platforms, but it has limitations with animated gifs, including certain PNGs.

Edit the images then keep the changes after I uninstall GalleryES?
You can keep everything but watermarks, galleryES Captions, and backups of your images. Resizing, rotating, tags, and descriptions are all stored within the Concrete5 file manager.

Use my own lightbox?
Yes, just disable the lightbox in the block edit mode (for single pages, the setting is in the dashboard page). You can use .galleryESItem### as a selector on the <a> tag.

Further Help

If you need further help, please message me through the Concrete5 Marketplace

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