Think Outside The Block

GalleryES is an easy to use gallery packed with features to help you manage your small or large gallery! GalleryES just isn't for displaying your images, it's a fully fledged image and gallery manager! Rotate, watermark, resize, tag, and SEO images with ease in bulk! GalleryES has 5 dedicated dashboard pages to help you manage your images, and 5 blocks to help you display them!

Dashboard Features

  • Upload Your Images & Create New Galleries (File Sets)
  • Edit Your Galleries & Image Attributes All In One Place
  • Bulk Tag Delete & Rename for Advanced Tag Management
  • Customize Your Own Watermarks With A PNG Or Text
  • Customize Single Page Views For Specific Blocks

Display Features

  • One Block To Display Your Single Gallery In 5 Different Ways
  • Tag Cloud Block
  • Gallery List Block To Display All Your GalleryES Galleries
  • Featured & Newest Images Block
  • Mature Content Consent Block

Key Features


With a streamlined management system it is easy to add and manage a large amount of photos at once. Just type in all the information on one page and hit "save"! Your image changes will carry over to the Concrete5 file manager as well*.
*Excluding Watermarks

Upload your images, resize them to web safe sizes, and put them in your galleries all at the same time! You can save a lot of time with GalleryES over the default Concrete5 manager.


Tags are more easily managable with GalleryES, you can display your images by tags through the GalleryES display block. Rename or delete any tag simultaneously across all your images. GalleryES also provides additional filters for toggling adult content display and displaying featured images.

Use the tag cloud block to display all your image's tags that are clickable into a single page that displays matching images. Adjust the way the single page is displayed in the dashboard in either responsive tile or masonry gallery.


Resize your images on upload to make your images web friendly instantly, or edit them after you've uploaded them in the gallery manager. Create custom image watermarks either with a logo PNG file or a line of text. You images can be restored to their original uploaded state.

Once you've managed all your images, gallery display blocks are responsive. Display your galleries in tile, masonry, slideshow, filmstrip, or single image format. Your edited and watermarked images will be displayed in the blocks.